"Close Your Next Healthcare Client While Shortening Your Complex Sales Cycles with a Long-term, Performance-based Partner

...Pay Only for Pre-Qualified Calls You Take."

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Case Study 1: RenalTracker B2B2C Patient Leads

Goal: Book meetings w/ potential customers: dialysis clinics & ACOs

Objectives: a. Have a scalable outreach system with clinics, hospitals and care orgs

b. Decrease cost per lead by 50%

1,600% increase in weekly leads and steady 73% decrease in lead cost in 6 months

11 clinics & 16 care orgs booked in 13 weeks

Partner up with an ROI-focused team to increase leads and save costs at the same time.

Case Study 2: Augmented Reality Industry

Baseline: Pre product-market fit, No scalable system, Time consuming One-on-one outreach.

Goal: Get sales appointments with potential customers within 4 weeks

Objectives: a. Find alignment in marketing message and first-mover niche

b. Book appointments with potential customers

Meetings booked in 6 weeks

Work with a team with specialized set of skills and experience that delivers high quality leads.

Case Study 3: RenalTracker Fundraising

Goal: Fundraising. Founder-to-VC introductions.

Objectives: a. Have a scalable outreach process and system to book appointments with founders and VCs.

Up to 90% open rate and 17% reply rate using Binnovate prospecting system

63 calls, 24 VC meetings & 3 commitments in 13 weeks

Partner up with a team that has established a streamlined process that works.

Here’s What We Can Do For You

Pay only for qualified appointments you take. If we don't deliver, you don't pay a dime.

We take care of all the tech-stack: setup, maintenance. We even pay the monthly fees! (except CRMs)

We take care of the heavy-lifting: market research, target list building, copywriting, and back-end integrations.

We reach out using personalized emails, human-made Linkedin Connection, and phone calls for followups and qualifications.